Who are we?

We are a network of leading experts from university hospitals and medical practices. Our physicians deal with acute and chronic skin diseases on a daily basis.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to help patients receive a high-quality diagnosis and therapy within a few hours.

How do we treat you?

We take your complaints seriously. As a digital medical practice, you will receive a doctor's letter and a therapy recommendation from our doctors without wasting valuable time in a waiting room.

How the quick help for your skin works
Sudden itching or skin rash? Skin changes should be treated promptly. That's why we offer you quick contact with specialists around the clock.


Answer medical questionnaire

Answer the medical questionnaire in a few minutes and upload images of the affected skin area.


Consulting by leading experts

Receive a reliable diagnosis with medical report & therapy plan from your treating dermatologist within a few hours during the week.


Start treatment immediately

If you need drug therapy, your dermatologist will write you a private prescription. If you wish, you will receive the recommended medication free of charge within a few days.*

*Important: Medication can only be sent to German addresses.

Your advantages with derma2go
A medical report and a magnifying glass

Broad network of skin specialists

A watch and a letter

Flexible & time-saving

Three cars in a traffic jam

Location independent & easy to access

Data security, shield with lock

Secure & data protection compliant

Wallet with credit card and cash

Common payment methods

This is what our patients say

In collaboration with dermatologists from leading clinics

Universitätsspital Basel
Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

Our experts


Prof. Dr. Matthias Augustin

Prof. Dr. Matthias Augustin

Director of the Institute for Health Services Research in Dermatology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Prof. Dr. Lars French

Prof. Dr. Lars French

Head of Dermatology Department University Hospital Munich

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kündig

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kündig

Head of Dermatology Department University Hospital Zurich

Prof. Dr. Stephan Lautenschlager

Prof. Dr. Stephan Lautenschlager

Former Head of Dermatology Department Triemli Hospital

Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander Navarini

Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander Navarini

Chief physician in dermatology, University Hospital Basel

Prof. Dr. Kristian Reich

Prof. Dr. Kristian Reich

Professor for Research in Inflammatory Skin Diseases University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Partner Dermatologikum Berlin

and many more...

Teledermatology: Online medicine in the fast lane

Telemedicine is becoming increasingly important in German-speaking countries. Particularly since the global pandemic in 2020, the number of advocates has been rising steadily. A big plus for patients is the convenient, rapid diagnosis online. In this way, treatments can be started promptly after the onset of the illnesses and valuable time can be saved. Whether a consultation is possible digitally depends on the specialty in question. Dermatology, for example, can be mapped very well online, since diagnoses in most cases are made by visual examination of the skin. Especially when observing chronic skin diseases or skin changes, digital dermatology can record the course of the disease very well. Teledermatology thus forms a valuable supplement to classical dermatology.

Why digital therapy can be the solution

Many people ask themselves why they should use digital therapy. Yet teledermatology has many advantages: there is a dramatic shortage of specialists in many areas - including dermatology. This situation usually causes very long waiting times for an appointment and leaves little room for maneuver for acute problems. Thus, weeks to months pass until a skin problem can be presented to the doctor and a treatment can be started. Teledermatology provides a remedy here: without having to book an appointment in advance, a dermatologist can be contacted conveniently digitally and quickly, and patients can have acute complaints treated quickly. If a prescription is needed, it can be conveniently issued by the dermatologist.

Patients can benefit from teledermatology for acute and chronic skin conditions. Skin problems can be quickly presented to the doctor so that no valuable time is lost and a prescription can be issued as well if needed. For patients for whom waiting weeks is not an option, teledermatology is a good solution.

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